Wealth Data

A major Australian financial institution determined to divest its wealth management business. A large program was mobilised to separate the processes, systems and people, establishing a stand-alone entity in preparation for the sale. From early on, a number of inconsistencies emerged across the various program workstreams.

These included the treatment of data across the soon-to-be separated entities, the determination of data ownership, and the approach to sharing data. Armour was engaged to review these inconsistencies and to provide a consistent future approach for all workstreams.

In response, Armour provided an approach in how the project tackle data as a horizontal stream removing large duplication effort across the workstreams. Armour introduced a ‘Use Case’ approach to help simplify the numerous complexities in dealing with data and delivered a framework that supported the following:

  • Identification of digital data within the Wealth Business that would be impacted by legal separation
  • Development of data requirements to enable Technology to develop an appropriate implementation approach and plan that would ensure successful, efficient delivery
  • Treatment of data elements across relevant systems to ensure data was:
  • Removed from inappropriate locations to avoid compliance breaches
  • Migrated to support the new separated Wealth Business
  • Development of a data dictionary that provided a view of all the attributes required to support the new Wealth business (the document would provide a single point of reference to all teams listing detail of all attributes and systems)

Business context of each data attribute and how they relate to real life Business scenarios, capturing current and future state systems.

The Program subsequently adopted the ‘Use Case’ approach across other workstreams.

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