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Armour Consulting brings the full suite of management consulting and project management skills, and expertise across a number of specialised areas.

Armour specialise in establishing and managing programs of work. Our hands-on approach provides a basis for a comprehensive understanding of the project objectives, effective stakeholder engagement, a thorough break-down of project activities to navigate the most appropriate path to deliver outcomes. Within multi-vendor environments, Armour are experts in managing handoff points, and managing vendors on behalf of our clients.

Project Services

Successful organisations are capable of continuously evolving their business or making paradigm shifts to transform the way they operate. We understand the intrinsic relationships between components that produces effective business transformation. Armour has many years of experience implementing operating models, process re-engineering, change management, and aligning business transformation to well architected business solutions. This is show cased in our work in mergers and business divestments that necessitate major transformation programs.

Business Transformation

Armour are experts at evangelising and architecting business solutions that solve common industry issues. We define and develop bespoke builds and/or configure solutions leveraging market leading platforms and/or evaluate systems on behalf of our clients. Armour specialises in preparing clients by defining business requirements, tailoring the configurations, and supporting their businesses across the transformation.

Business Solutions

Service Groups

Advisory and Stratergy

Discovery and Business Value​​

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Operational Audits​

Business Reviews and Recommendations ​​

Regulatory and Internal Compliance Obligations ​

Governance and Operational  Frameworks, Maturity Assessment

Checks, Reviews and Approach​​



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